Speaks Marketing Group

An Ideal Marketing Partner

Having worked in the marketing industry with various verticals for the past 20+ years, two things became abundantly clear to us. First was the great need for outside help, and second, was the challenge of “real-time” alignment. While it’s fantastic to have an annual marketing plan, we found that reality often challenges theory, and there are many times when a company needs to pivot with a moment’s notice.

We discovered that, while common, it was not so easy to pivot work with contracted agencies. Change was expensive and laborious at times, and often we felt we were recreating the wheel. What we wanted in an agency was a true marketing partner that worked with us to tackle our real-time goals and could easily pivot with us when the natural tides of business shifted.

We decided to create an agency that is ideal for marketing and leadership teams to partner with as they conquered their goals. We offer years of experience, smart flexibility, and speed to execution.

We are also extremely cost-conscious and constantly negotiating on our clients’ behalf. We know our success is based on the ROI, so we work tirelessly on your most relevant projects with a sense of ownership that brings true results.

Contact us today to find out how Speaks Marketing can become your ideal marketing partner!