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Industry: Healthcare Research


Customer had analytic survey data from over 2,000 participants that needed to be dissected and evaluated to create content pieces that would be valuable assets for marketing and lead generation.



How to translate analytical survey results into content that would be both informational and engaging with the ability to appeal to the client’s target audience, attract media and increase engagement.


Based off the reporting and analytics from the survey results, we created a National Nursing Engagement Report summarizing the survey results and highlighting common themes and key findings. From the National Nursing Engagement report, we were able to create several content pieces that were used in lead generation campaigns. We published a press release on the very impactful survey results and worked with the media to showcase the study results.


We worked in coordination with the media to get the news release into the right hands and as much views as possible leveraging existing relationships and building new ones. We had several media pickups resulting in 4 industry outlets interviewing the client and one industry webinar. We were then able to use this press release in lead generation campaigns and created several other pieces of content that was used by marketing. 100% engagement rating based on industry benchmark PR Newswire

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We were able to utilize the solid data from our client to produce several content pieces including a powerful news release which generated not only new leads but strong interest from the media.


We started with lots of data and reporting. We were able to discern this information and create several digestible content pieces for marketing use. These marketing pieces clearly outlined our client’s competitive advantage by showcasing the process they use and area they specialize in. The clients result was an influx of leads and media interest resulting in multiple media interviews and publications for our client.  


A press release with lots of media interest and pickups resulting in two industry articles being written and several pieces of content created that were used in outbound lead generation campaigns.