generating buzz
and standing out
in a crowd

Client: BioInformatics Enterprise Software

Industry: Technology 


To introduce a new product concept and develop a meaningful campaign that would differentiate the organization and their flagship product at an event with over 4000 attendees. From tactical deliverables to campaign development, our task was to communicate the innovation, create demand for further engagement, and generate a buzz to help our clients stand out at one of the biggest events in their industry.



Design and orchestrate an engaging and meaningful interactive campaign to drive constant foot traffic to our client’s booth, engage and educate potential end-users about the product, provide the attending sales team abundant engagement opportunity, and validate the product with promoting key partnerships. From the creation of an interactive quiz to winning product collateral, press, speaking engagements and personal 1:1 outreach to key attendees, we implemented a plan that fully leveraged an event for our clients.


Not only did our work create a huge buzz for our clients that they say they have never experienced, but it also produced numerous pipeline opportunities. We created and managed a steady stream of pre-set face to face sales meetings, drove non-stop spontaneous booth traffic, and had our clients crying for mercy with product demos.
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The event presented a grand opportunity for client to reintroduce itself, create buzz around a
new product release, gain prospects and kickoff momentum


Like a baby in the woods!
This was a new event for this client and we had no attendee info, no messaging, no collateral,
no game plan. We had fun with this one!


Four days of face-to-face meetings for our clients, constant booth traffic, over 100 follow-up
leads, company/brand awareness, press release coverage, big partner presentation, and an exhausted booth staff. The client couldn’t be happier!