shine a light on your
customer’s success

Client: Data Analytics Software

IndustryCPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)


While the client had a solid client base over the years, they started to experience a higher churn rate as new competition entered the market.



Create a Customer Success Program that rewards the end-user n for their work within their company with our client’s solution. An awards program was created giving the end-user the ability to submit their product success story, giving the client recognition, and in turn giving our client product testimonials and insightful product data.


The Customer Success Program and Annual Awards Ceremony was marketed year-round to client’s existing customers to encourage product use and produce more advocates. This program gave the end-users recognition and their leadership team the insight regarding the team’s impact on the bottom line.

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We realized that by highlighting the ROI the end-user had with the product, the client gained recognition at the corporate level and gave them the opportunity to land and expand across the company retailer teams.


Our client had a nice size client base but could tell by the data that they needed an urgent solution to their churn problem. The client had a relationship with the decision maker who had initially purchased the solution but not within the teams that ran the solution or with the executive leadership teams at these companies.


We were able to establish crucial relationships for our clients with their customer’s product teams. We created a platform for our client to be able to recognize the end-user for their impact with the product. Highlighting the product team’s success with the solution resulted in reduced churn and increased advocates for our client.